Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Irfan!!

yesterday (13 Mac 2009) was my niece's birthday (anak alongku):
Muhammad Irfandaniel.

Happy 2nd Birthday, dear!!

i got him a red shirt
(which i really2 like - he put it on immediately after i gave him)
and a punch bag (yg bila tumbuk, dia naik balik tu..)
n my lil bro gave n a remote red car
(which he really2 like - main trus sampai bateri kong!)

actually, his parents didn't plan anything special for him.
so, me n my parents & siblings decided to do a little celebration between us family.
at my parents home in Bdr Baru Bangi.
my lil bro get the cake & we (me & en.hubby) get the satay
(sori xde gambar sate, x sempat snap, dah licin. hehe..)

eh, pesal tetiba aku rajin ber'speaking' english ni?

nway, this is Syafiqah - Irfan lil sister. mood dia x baik.. demam.. huhu..

but Asyraf is happy, as always. hiiee....

the FUNNY thing is : he's very the perasan yang tu birthday dia.
because : Irfan is very the bz with his new remote car! - adiah paklang & atuk!
so, apa lagi? Asyraf is happily kidnapping all the attention!

The Party Hat :

The Cake :

Asyraf.. it's not your birthday, dear!
Your's is another 2 months!

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bOnda said...

eheh, ai pun tak wat majlis..
en.PE kata wat skali ngan naik umah nanti..


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