Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why Do I Blog?

(tetiba terasa cam nk cakap omputih kejap. hihi.. and please mind my VERY POOR english.)

I've been noticing that a few of my friends have been questioning..
"Why Do You Blog?" "Why Don't You Blog?"
"Why Do They Blog?" "Why Don't They Blog?"
"Why Do I Blog?" "Why Don't I Blog?"

and of course, everyone have their own reasons.
well.. it's their blog, it's their life and it's their opinion how they want to see things are in life.
and it's fine for me.

but as for me, i don't really blog for someone else to read (but are most welcome to everyone who did. :)),
or feel it as a burden that must be fulfill from time to time.. (there's always next time, right?)
and not so much in seeking extra income through internet - for now. (tp bahagia je klau ada duit dtg bergolek! ekekek..)

i see it as a place for me to jot anything/everything that i feel @ think at that particular moment. especially everything nice surrounding my life as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend and as an employee.

and most of all, for a person that is very oblivious (pelupa) as i am, i'm very thankful that i have pictures and videos and a blog which allow me to 'relive' those wonderful moments, how my life is perfect just being me and as my hubby n children (Asyraf & insya Allah, baby no.2) are by my side.. how "berbunga-bunga" my heart would feel each time i see that glittering smiles on their faces. just a small reminder of this good feeling.. in case my memory fails me again. ;)

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zieha said...

daku blog utk menghiburkan hati:)


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